Double Letters

The double letter program is geared to players wanting a more competitive environment and requires a bigger commitment to a more intense program throughout the season.

Contact (body-checking) is allowed at the Bantam AA, Midget AA and Junior AA levels. Contrary to what you may have heard with regards to physical play, single letters do not allow body checking, however it does permit physical contact at the Peewee/Bantam/Midget and Junior levels. 

The Double letter program usually consists of X-X practices per month and an average of 1 game per week. Teams are assessed additional fees for all extra ice allocation. Again any ice time in addition to this is generally at the discretion of the coaches also subject to availability and additional costs.


All coaches in AHMIB are volunteers. In order to make the program a success, parents’ involvement, positive encouragement and support are required at all times. When in the rinks please remember to be positive, help out if you can and support the volunteer coaches in their program and objectives.