AHMIB has selected Sports aux Puces Vaudreuil as our approved supplier for Team Apparel. All team apparel using the AHMIB logo must be ordered through Sports aux Puces. If you have questions please speak with Lynette Belfry.

The website link for browsing and ordering is  .  



Key Dates for Ordering:

Fitting dates:


You can arrange a fitting day with Sports aux Puces by contacting Jean-Pierre Balekian at

Please note that Sports aux Puces is responsible for creating and applying the name bars.  They can also make alterations to the jerseys.

Team Apparel and Dress Code 

AHMIB Logo Use:

All teams must use ONLY THE OFFICIAL AHMIB Logo. Apparel purchased by teams from other than official suppliers will result in disciplinary action for both the manager and head coach.

The Logo and associated text is available from our approved suppliers only. 

AHMIB jackets and tracksuits are only to be purchased from Sports aux Puces. Other types of team apparel may not be purchased unless authorized by the AHMIB Executive.