(MAHG 1 & 2)

(5 to 6 yrs)


From the beginning of September to the end of March-beginning of April

Time required per week:

1 to 2 times per week


Saturday and/or Sunday


Between 7and 9 a.m.



The AHMIB is proud to offer our young players aged 5 to 8 the MAHG program of Hockey Québec. What is MAHG? This is the Ice Hockey Learning Method.

The general objectives of the program are:

Provide the child with coaching that can promote the learning of technical elements and basic tactics in hockey.

Stimulate the child's interest through a structured and fun learning environment. 

Teach the basics of team play.

To bring a technical and tactical toolkit that will allow them to blossom in their practice of the game according to their skill level, taste, interests and aspirations. 

The program:

The MAHG 1 and 2 programs take the form of lessons. Each program has 20 lessons of 50 minutes. Each lesson consists of 6 exercises that includes games, educational, courses, group games and directed games. We always try to have the best player/coach ratio possible.

What happens after the 20 lessons?

Once the 20 lessons of the MAHG program have been completed, the coaches will build their own program of practice that has been inspired by the MAHG program. The focus will be on the notions of skating and puck handling.

Hockey is a sport where development of a player takes place over a long period of time. At the Pre-Novice level, children are at the beginning of their fine motor development skills. Teaching must be done to align with this reality.

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