Karen Morrissette

AHMIB Ice Scheduler

As Ice Scheduler, my main responsibilities include:


  • Allocating and scheduling practices for each team
    within our association

  • Submitting ice time to our league (CHL) and region
    (Lac St-Louis) for regular season game scheduling

  • Working with other association  within the CHL and
    Lac St-Louis to reschedule games as needed

  • Scheduling of Playoff and Regional Championship hockey games hosted in Ile Bizard

  • Ensure that teams report their home game results in a timely manner

Ice time

Our goal for ice time for Ile Bizard hockey is to provide an equal amount of ice time (combination of exhibition games, official games and practices) to each and every team within the association. This partially funded ice at the Vincent Lecavalier Arena is made possible with the help of the city of Ile Bizard.


Although Ile Bizard hockey is the arena’s biggest customer, other users also include ringuette, Hockey Feminin, Midget Espoir AAA hockey, figure skating, free skating and recreational adult hockey.