Regardless of the level or category all coaches are qualified VOLUNTEERS


Double Letter Coaches

  • All interested candidates must submit an application to coach a specific posting.

  • Candidates are interviewed by a committee which includes AHMIB... and VP, Operations.

  • Candidates must also submit their annual plan and discuss their coaching philosophy.

  • The committee selects the most qualified candidate for that given level.

  • Typically, preferential consideration is given to non-parent coaches all things being equal. This fosters a more unbiased environment.



Single Letter Coaches

  • Interested coaches complete and submit a Volunteer form.

  • The Division Coordinator and the VP Operations select those interested coaches who are most qualified.

  • Single Letter coaches are usually parents and usually coach the team their child is on. Although if you are interested in coaching a team without your child you are encouraged to submit your name to the VP, Operations.